Your customers are searching for you.
Get the exposure you deserve.
The formula for building successful digital presence has changed. In today’s landscape, multiple
digital contact points with customers are needed to maximise potential exposure. YP offers an
affordable advertising channel to reach your customers.


Competitive Rates

Thousands of competitors view for the same keywords in search engines, escalating the demand and cost of popular keywords. We offer an affordable advertising alternative with comparable reach.

Increase Your Exposure

Increase Your Exposure

Already have a website? Your website may not have the number of visitors you would like. In categories such as "Pest Control", we have more than 20,000 searches a year. With 6 million annual page views, get the exposure you deserve.

A Trusted Zone

A Trusted Zone

YP is trusted for users when it comes to researching and comparing business listings. Our online listings provide advertisers with greater credibility and visibility

What Our Users Have To Say

It's a totally new experience. User friendly. I am able to search for many different types of services. It is simple to use, even my 70 year old granny loves to use it!

Freddie Lim, 30

The new YP allows me to search the services and brands that I want. It is fast and efficient, I can do things on time and not affect my day to day work.

Berlinda Lee, 23

Yellow Pages search makes my life easier as all I need to do is type the product I'm looking for and I'm able to locate suppliers instantly, some of which can only be found through the word of mouth.

Nicholas Yap, 19

Responsive, sieves out information that I want to view - local companies and businesses. Depiction of companies' locations on map helps me determine the most convenient option.

Ahmad Ali, 23

Yellow pages is still the trusted brand and my choice when I need information fast. With the additional location I am able to find businesses near me and address my problem faster. Most importantly it is environmentally friendly and up to date.

Wong Teng Hui, 30

The new internet Yellow Pages is very beautiful and more intuitive. When I had an outbreak of bedbugs at home recently, I was able to locate pest controllers immediately by typing a related keyword "bedbugs". I don't need to know the specific company names. It was very convenient.

Matthew Lee, 19

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