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Why Hire Carpenters?

Best Carpenters in Singapore

If you are thinking about building a new home or perhaps new furniture, or are in need of any sort of woodwork done, chances are you would need the service of a carpentry professional. The Yellow Pages Directory provides contact information about carpenters all across Singapore, that will best suit your needs. With our extensive business directory, discover the best local Carpentry Services in your area.

What types of services can carpenters provide for you?

Carpenters take on a wide range of services that can be centred around your home and even larger industrial projects. More often than not, carpenters can also advise you on the best carpentry approaches depending on your needs since they are licensed building practitioners as well. Some of their common carpentry services include decking and fencing, flooring, extensions, maintenance and repairs, restorations and renovations, bathrooms, garages, kitchens and cabinetry, and all kinds of general carpentry. Besides all the heavy work, your local carpenter can also repair your furniture as well as create custom-made pieces for you.

How do you choose the right carpenter?

After you have laid out your needs, whether that’s for a personal home project or a more commercial one, you now need to hire a carpenter. There are a few things that you should look out for when searching for the right one:

Verify Their Credentials

For starters, you would want to check and verify their credentials and make sure they have a valid license to provide carpentry services. There is no harm in asking for proof from your carpenter, whether that is in the form of a certification or license. Additionally, take the time to ask if your carpenter has insurance coverage in the event of an accident, injury, or any damage.

Check the Cost

When discussing the budget for your project, ensure to get written quotes from you carpenter. This includes important things such as the materials, labour involved and miscellaneous costs such as transportation allowance. Since you have a budget to maintain, you need the find the right woodworker who will provide quality work that fits your budget. You will also need to check that all the costs associated with the project are outlined clearly in the quote.

Review Samples of Their Previous Work

Look at your carpenter’s previous experiences with past projects and clients — how long have they been practising their craft? Have they been in the industry for a long time? What were some of the feedback from his previous clients? Don’t be afraid to ask for your references to your carpenter’s works. These could be before and after pictures of past projects or even contacts of previous clients they have worked with.

Questions you should ask carpentry professionals?

If you have never hired a licensed carpenter before, chances are you’re going to have many questions. Despite this, do not be afraid of being embarrassed and ask away.
Here are some questions you can ask:
  • How much does your carpenter charge for their services?
  • Do they provide delivery and installation of materials?
  • How long will the installation or renovation process take?
  • Will there be any warranty for my furniture?
  • What types of wood are most suitable for my project?
  • What does your quote include?
  • Where are the products made?
  • What is the difference between certain materials of the furniture, like wicker and rattan furniture?
  • Can I still change my design after the final design has been completed?

Why should you hire instead of doing it yourself?

A lot of people would consider doing the manual labour themselves to save money or take on or simply to take on the challenge of creating something on their own. While this isn’t a bad thing, there are some things you should hire a professional to do. Hiring a professional for their carpentry services would save you time; promise the most effective results; and minimise errors and chances of injuries.


Since you are not a professional carpenter, you would need some time to gather the necessary tools and read the instructions on the manual in order to properly execute what you are trying to create. This would cost you so much time as you will need to learn and master the skill before carrying out the project, which might take weeks or even months. By hiring a professional, you save all this time while they do the work for you.

Experience and the Right Tools

Professional carpenters are equipped with all the materials and tools you can imagine even before embarking on a new project. If you choose to do it yourself, you may lack some of the heavy-weight tools that only carpenters have access to. This may even delay the project and even cause potential injuries, when not executed properly. When it comes to carpentry, there are specific tools for certain wooden furniture or components. Experienced carpenters would know exactly what tool to use in any situation and which tool and equipment can be combined to use for a specific task.

Assured with the Best Results

Last but definitely not the least, acquiring the help of a professional carpenter promises you the best results possible. Not only will they get the job done quicker than if you were to do it yourself, but the work will be done with the highest quality and standard. On top of that, carpenters usually clean up after every project they undergo, leaving no mess and hassle of cleaning behind for you.

Types of Carpentry Products & Services

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replace variety-wooden-like-tiles-samples-fake-1797303073 (400 x 265 px)

Furniture Manufacturers Equipment & Supplies

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replace working-cabinetmaker-667239964 (400 x 265 px)

Cabinet Makers

replace joinery-oak-veneered-mdf-wardrobe-workshop-1114317734 (400 x 265 px)

Custom Made Furnitures

replace drawing-loft-kitchen-interior-furniture-sunlight-1763251514 (400 x 265 px)

Furniture Designers & Custom Builders

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Furniture Manufacturers

replace covering-varnish-old-wooden-table-restoration-588612497 (400 x 265 px)

Furniture Repairs & Refinishing

replace large-terrace-patio-rattan-garden-furniture-1205323861 (400 x 265 px)

Rattan, Reed & Willows

replace production-manufacture-woodworking-industry-concept-worker-1056627902 (400 x 265 px)

Wood Finishing Service

replace decorative-moulded-picture-frames-made-planted-408981073 (400 x 265 px)

Wooden Mouldings

replace worker-using-saw-machine-make-furniture-524567458 (400 x 265 px)


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Woodworkers Equipment & Supplies

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