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Whether you are looking to renovate your home or work on a larger-scale project, you can find the perfect choice from our extensive list of construction companies in Singapore. Construction companies provide services, expertise, equipment, and manpower, etc. for constructing a building or infrastructure. There are several types of construction jobs that require only certified construction companies to handle depending on the scale of the project, and what the property that is being constructed on top of the land is for. Construction companies execute the building or infrastructure work via drawing sheets and  make it come to life by building it for a sum concurred earlier with their customers. There are predominantly three divisions in construction: buildings, infrastructure and industrial. Building development is further categorised into residential and non-residential such as commercial and institutional buildings. Construction work can vary from a simple home renovation to assembling a skyscraper. There are various types of projects that construction companies take on and for each type there are contractors that are specialised in those areas.  

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